Weekly Monitoring and Evaluation

The trainee has the opportunity to meet the IMY tutor who provides mentoring support on the work placement and, in general, on the learning mobility experience. The trainee is required to fill in a weekly monitoring survey describing the activities accomplished so far. IMY staff will always be ready to assist the trainee in this task.

If the trainees experience any kind of difficulty during the work placement, they can seek support from their IMY tutors.

IMY tutors support and assist both the trainee and the host company to devise an action plan to overcome any obstacles perceived by the trainee and ensure a successful work placement. IMY tutors continually check the progress and the achievement of the agreed actions and objectives. If the action plan does not help bringing about a positive solution in the first work placement, IMY will identify a new work placement opportunity.



The host company and IMY have the right to terminate a work placement in case of trainee misconduct, lack of motivation or disrespectful behaviour. In this event, a new work placement opportunity might be identified and new insurance policies issued by IMY upon payment of an additional fee by the trainee. Based on the gravity of a trainee’s misconduct, IMY reserves the right to refuse any additional work placement opportunities.

An evaluation certificate is awarded at the end of the placement based on monitoring questionnaires from the trainee along with the evaluations from the company’s tutor and by IMY staff. This certificate is in line with Europass Mobility criteria (available on cedefop website).

Please note that the certification is released only when the trainee completes the work placement.

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