IMY insurances and claim form

With IMY, learners are fully protected against any event related to the training activities, the work placements and the stay at the guest houses provided by IMY. The assurances for these events are:

  1. private assurance “Polizza RCT attività Scolastica 0561403831”, to cover the risks during the trainings and the work placements. This assurance is an extension to the obligatory assurance provided by the National Social Services INPS / INAIL
  2. private assurance “Polizza RCT/O Ostello n.0561403832”, to cover the risks related to the accommodation in the guest houses provided by IMY
  3. public assurance “matricola INPS: 6304171882 sede: 6300 Pistoia”, provided under payment to the national Service and compulsory, addressed to basic coverage of risks during training and work placements



In case of the occurring of any event that could be covered by the IMY insurances, the learner has to inform the IMY staff within 24 hours from the event. This can be done simply in person at the reception desk (and then the IMY staff will provide and help to fill a given form) or by filling the following form:

insurance event claim
Your name
Date of the event
Time of the event
If you don't know the exact time, indicate the range time when the event could be occurred
Location of the event
If you don't know the address, indicate all the information you know to understand the location
Detailed description of the event and damages
Be clear and explain as well as possible all the information related to eventual damages and costs
You can upload images related to goods, locations, particulars, etc