IMY Virtual Mobility research

The survey

The survey has the objective of collecting valuable information on the layout and contents of our newly lauched IMY Virtual Mobility programme. It is based on single/multiple choice questions, as well as closed and open queries, and the average duration to fully complete the questionnaire is about 15 minutes.

The different parts of the survey served the purpose of analzying the type of the potential beneficiaries and customising a new programme around their needs. Questions about our colleagues and audience's experience with virtual mobility programs and the impact that those will have on their academic life were asked. Moreover, the survey included information about the usefullness and praticability of the virtual internship in the audience's own country and within its own educational system. Finally, suggestions and insights were asked to the recipients in order to have specific guidance on the features of the programme. 

The survey was sent out through different channels: mass mailing, Italy Mobility official webpage, social media platforms, word of mouth, private messages, UNEVOC forum etc. 

The report will also be a useful tool to share and discuss how to maintain continued learning and skills building for students and workers in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic which we all now face, as well as how to explore relevant and timely innovative practices in distance and online education and training.

Recipients which, during the completion of survey, gave full autorization to be published online, will be mentioned as soon as results will be definitively collected and processed. The research will also be published in a PDF document under the ISBN number: 9788887156126. 

Authors: Giovanni Crisonà, Giulia Ucciero, Valentina De Vico, Fabio Croci

The following values are taken form the db of the answers and will be live updated untile the closing of the data collection started in the end of April 2020.

Countries of respondents

The research was addressed to private and public organizations, including: secondary general schools, secondary  TVET institutes, universities, TVET higher education bodies etc. 

The following data illustrates the current collection of survey answers at today:

The individuals targeted have the following roles: students, learners, mobility coordinators or tutors, teachers, trainers, headmasters, and deans.

The size of the organizations targeted range from small (less than 250 students) to big (more than 5000 students):

Is the distance Internships solution a suitable way for practical learning?

Recently, we all have been feeling the extraordinary knock-on effect of the new COVID-19 around the world, while schools have closed due to the public health emergency. In response to the present situation, a form of learning linked to practical knowledge and not only, is possible organising distance Internship experiences.

The distance Internships solution:
- is a real chance for the learners with real work challenges, real tutors and concrete pedagogical support within a specific IT learning infrastructure.
- covers professions that are already carried out online by millions of people around the world, meaning real professions or real job roles;
- applies the same principles of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project launched by the EU Commission to promote intercultural dialogue and improve the skills of young people through digital learning tools.

With the survey, we are looking to other opinion form the public and our esteemed colleagues.

You can find important insights in this webpage:

Thank you for your cooperation!

The Italy Mobility team has been providing incoming mobility to Italy from 2006, hosting around 18.000 days of internship per year. Throughout the time, a big community of organizations and individuals gathered with interest around othe IMY activities and experienced the internship programmes.