The historic center of Pistoia is rich not only in history and monuments to visit, but also in places where you can drink and eat typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine.

Just take a walk through the streets of the city center and choose the place that most inspires you, they are all pretty good. If you want some suggestions, however, here’s some advice rather tan “partial” 😉


Il Baly, Via Panciatichi 14. Tel: 0573364599

It is a very small and “family-style” pizzeria, we recommend you to book a table. It is closed on Sundays. The pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven, it is made with high quality ingredients. In addition to pizza, they have other meals of the day (appetizers, main courses, salads, meat and dessert), but the top is pizza.




Ristorante Il Duomo, Via Bracciolini 5/A. Tel: 05731780197

It is a warm, friendly and welcoming restaurant. It offers very varied and good pizzas but also the best traditional Tuscan dishes like rabbit, duck, wild pig and much more. Check it on:


Ristorante L’Arca, via della Madonna, 36. Tel: 3381428044

It is a warm and welcoming pizzeria that has also special offers! Check it!



Trattoria dell’Abbondanza, Via dell’Abbondanza 14. Tel: 0573368037

In this small, friendly and family restaurant you will find not only main dishes of the Tuscan tradition, but also of the Pistoia’s tradition. Many dishes that are not easily found in other restaurants, here are prepared in an exceptional way.

Bistecca Toscana, Via Sant’Andrea 30. Tel: 3284382056

If you want to taste the typical “Florentine steak”, this is one of the best places for it, especially with no surprises on the price (keep in mind that the T-bone steak is a generally expensive dish.)

“Have you had dinner at BISTECCATOSCANA?

It is a really unique place. Very well-groomed and comfortable ambience. No menu and fixed price. If you like, you can drink some good wine. At your table, you’ll be served (family style) 1,200 – 1,800 g or 2,400 g of top quality steak (600 g per person).

If you are two persons, you’ll will be served a 1,200 g steak; if you are three, your steak will weigh 1,800 g and if you are four, you’ll receive a 2,400 g steak.

While you steak is grilling, you’ll taste a light appetiser to occupy your wait time and enjoy your steak with relish. Your steak will be done at sight on a wood-burning grill and will be accompanied by three side-dishes. A dessert will complete you dinner.

The all-in price is €30.00, inclusive of cover and service charges. The only extra could be the wine, if you like it, to be chosen from our rich list from €8.00 upwards.

BISTECCATOSCANA is opened in the evening from Thursday to Monday inclusive”



– If you want something really cheap but good at the same time, if you settle in a family atmosphere where you eat like at home, try the Trattoria San Vitale, in Via Puccini, very close to the CSCS! You will find many dishes as simple as typical of any family of Tuscany!

Go to Piazza della Sala and Piazzetta degli Ortaggi: you will find many bars and pubs where you can sit and drink, just choose one! There is also an Irish Pub (Fitzpatrick’s) in Piazza della Resistenza.

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