There are some shops in Pistoia where you can find many second-hand items: furniture, decorative objects, bicycles, musical instruments, clothing… a little bit of everything!

  • Il Mercatino Dell’Usato Di Nonna Iole, Via Benvenuto Cellini 3, Pistoia. 0573401305

  • Il Seminuovo, Via Sacconi 16, Pistoia (very close to CSCS)

  • Mercatino, Via Alessandro Volta, 11 – Pistoia. Tel: 0573935453

  • Passaparola, Via Pratese 4, Pistoia. Tel: 0573977416


If you want a funny way to move in Pistoia, we suggest you to rent a bike. The bike is very comfortable to ride in Pistoia and environs, to go to the station and for all other uses you

want to do with it. If you do not want to buy a new bike but a used bike is enough for weeks you will stay in Pistoia, you can search in second hand markets described above, and hope to find one that you like. Otherwise there is a place in Pistoia called “The Ciclofficina”: in this place old bicycles are brought and rearranged to be returned to the owner or sold to those people who need (low price). It is convenient to go and visit this place if you need a bike because you will probably find what you are looking for! The Ciclofficina is in the city center, in Piazzetta Santo Stefano, and it is open on Tuesday (18:30-22:30), Wednesday (9:30 to 12:30) and Thursday (15:30 to 19:30).

For more information:

Tel: 327/1739400ciclooficina



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