• Apartments in the city centre

IMY offers accommodation in shared rooms, for a maximum of 3 persons per room, under the brand of VMYH - Villa Michelina Youth Hostel!

We provide quality, as we know that the accommodation plays an integral role in the working experience abroad! That is why we support institutions, schools and learners in finding the best solution for the staying: IMY staff personally visits each accommodation before trainees' arrival and carefully check the quality and the minimum standards required.

The maximum number of persons in accommodations with a single bathroom is 5, while bigger accommodations with additional bathrooms can accommodate more persons with the same proportion between beds and bathroom number (5 persons / 1 bathroom).

All apartments are completely furnished and guarantee trainees a comfortable and safe environment.

Practising different languages, making new friends, enjoying cultural differences let learners increase personal and social skills!

  • Accommodation facilities INCLUDED

Equipped Kitchen

Each guest is provided (usually in a personal box) with: a glass, a cup, a bowl, fork, knife, spoon, little spoon, 2 dishes, a pan, 3 pots with lids + colander…plus other tools to be shared.

Bed sheets, blankets and towels which mean ethical values

Blankets and towels are provided weekly in sealed bags including per each person: 3 towels, 2 blankets, 1 pillowcase. The bed sheets are given once at the beginning of the stay for the whole period. All the linens are completely sterilised and sanitised , preventing the spread of bacterias and infections, providing safe standards and comfort.

This service is realised in cooperation with:

Convoi ONLUS is a  social cooperative which helps people with disadvantages giving them a job opportunity.


Additional cleaning service

which is provided once a week (unless otherwise agreed) for supporting our guests in the management of the house and in their path of being independent. Anyway, guests are responsible for cleaning their rooms!

ATTENTION: if guests do not clean the room and do not respect the accommodation rules, they will receive a formal infringment. In case of persistence of these not allowed behaviours, they will be invited to leave the accommodation. Please note that in all our accommodations smoking is strictly forbidden

A common washing machine and ironing board

No microwave and boilers are provided


Electricity, gas and water expenses are included in the price!

  • Accommodation in the HEARTH OF BEAUTIFUL TUSCANY

Villa Michelina Youth Hostel (VMYH) and the smaller lodging are located in Pistoia city centre and surrounding cities, such as Prato / Montecatini / Lucca.

These charming cities, surrounded by beautiful landscape, offer small ancient centres , which were home of the Renaissance and where many famous people lived, from Leonardo da Vinci, to Michelangelo, Giotto and Machiavelli. Historic towns of the UNESCO heritage will give learners the opportunity to enjoy our cultural lifestyle, without a sense of loss and in safe spaces.

Each flat is served by public transports. Guests may travel for a maximum of 1 hour with public transportation to reach their workplace.

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IMY staff will welcome trainees at their assigned apartments, providing keys for each guests and showing all the aspects of the flat.

Italian legislation requires IMY to communicate to local authorities, within 24 hours from the guest arrival, our guests’ name, date of birth and ID or passport information.
We, therefore, kindly ask guests to fill in this information in our online system form before their arrival in Italy.

At the arrival, guests are required to give € 200,00 as a deposit fee against any damage to our personnel. The deposit is returned at the departure day, after the check-out.