The most important thing in a coexistence is

Respect the people who live with you




When you enter the house for first time, you should check that everything is correct. If everything is not correct, please inform us as soon as possible.

  In order to ensure a paceful coexistence of our guests, it is prohibited


  • Adopt a dangerous and unsafe behavior
  • Attach posters, postcards or other material to the furniture or walls
  • Dry the laundry outside the designated areas
  • Switch or change the assigned sleeping arragements, without prior authorization or notifocation
  • Abuse of alcohol that leads to dangerous and disrespectful behaviors
  • Accommodate external persons in the accommodation without prior registration and payment
  • Use drugs or prohibited substances
  • Smoke inside the rooms and the common areas- except for designated areas
  • Generate excessive noise and activities that disturb other people in the structure
  • Bring animals inside the structure
  • Bring bicycles inside the premises, with the exception of the designated areas
  • Leave shopping carts at the premises, inside, as well as outside.
  • Leave your room as well as the common areas, without cleaning them after use
  • Rearrange the furniture of  the structure
  • Disregard the quiet time from 23:00 to 8:00, inside as well as outside the premises
  • Disregard the communal indication when throwing away recyclable garbage
  • Organize parties and meeting with people who do not live in the structure
  • Use any kind of flammable material such as liquid gas, candles, open flames etc.
  • Leave personal belongings unattended inthe common areas



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