The success of Mobility Initiatives

Mobility is the most successful European initiative.

Every person that has carried out a study period or a work experience abroad, always refers to it as one of the most interesting and enriching experiences of their life.

Experts say that 50% of your professional value depends on so the called “social capital”, in other words, your ability to interact and establish good relationships with others. Going abroad is a very effective way to train yourself in this dimension.

It is clear that while you live in a different country you improve your language and social skills, as you get to know a different culture and different ways of thinking and interpreting life.

During a work placement with IMY, beside you professional improvements, you will

•    Get to know other people
•    Understand a different culture
•    Eat strange/different food
•    Live in different conditions from home
•    Be challenged to solve unexpected problems
•    Face a different culture and different ways in which people interact

A mobility experience is great opportunity – don’t miss it!

This is particularly true with reference to personal aspects. Some examples:

  • Getting to know other people
  • Understanding a different culture
  • Eating strange food
  • Living in different conditions as from home
  • Being challenged to solve unexpected problems
  • Facing a different culture and different ways in which people interact

The reports and analysis about mobility actions shows that room of improvement can be identified in relation with the professional aspect.

In other words, the weak side of mobility is likely to be identified in the technical competencies and abilities to be acquired within the work placement or the study period.

Our motto is: Your development our goal !!

We therefore want to make sure that your mobility experience is successful, also from the professional point of view.

It is essential that you can access a quality work placement. support you with following aspects.

Preliminary – preparatory phase 

  • Analyse your characteristics, your profile and expectations
  • Define the objectives of the placement, content and duration
  • Identify a company offering a work placement that matches your needs

During the work placement

  • Monitoring the progress of the placement
  • Ensure continuous communication among yourself, us, the company and the educational institution in your own country via a dedicated web platform

Final phase

  • Analyse and evaluate the results of the work placement, in terms of competencies, skills and abilities gained

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