The Europass Mobility Certificate



By carrying out your internship with you ensure your competencies to be monitored, periodically checked and evaluated. For European students we strongly recommend to use the Europass Mobility Certificate.

What is it?

The Europass Mobility is a record of any organised period of time (called Europass Mobility experience) that a person spends in another European country for the purpose of learning or training.

This includes for example:

  • a work placement in a company;
  • an academic term as part of an exchange programme;
  • a voluntary placement in an NGO.

The mobility experience is monitored by two partner organisations, the first in the country of origin and the second in the host country. Both partners agree on the purpose, content and duration of the experience; a mentor is identified in the host country. The partners may be universities, schools, training centres, companies, NGOs, etc.

Who is it for?

The Europass Mobility is intended for any person undergoing a mobility experience in a European country, whatever their age or level of education.

Who is responsible for completing it?

The Europass Mobility is completed by the home and host organisations involved in the mobility project in a language agreed between both organisations and the person concerned.

This article comes from Europass offical web site. To read more, click here.

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