Mobility for All

CSCS supports learning mobility initiatives focused on young people with special learning needs and with physical or mental disabilities.

Mobility for all is a key objective for CSCS and we deploy ad hoc assistance on customized programmes in order to attain educational success.

These initiatives generally have a one month timeframe. The tutoring and mentoring services ensure a strong impact on self-confidence and self-esteem.

Promoting autonomy is one of the main outcomes and participants are supported while going to the supermarket, preparing food, dealing with house-keeping and personal hygiene, according to their specific needs.

Language and cultural activities are accomplished mainly through informal education sessions, such as singing songs in Italian, visiting the food market, cooking spaghetti and tiramisu. Work-based learning is accomplished within selected companies and public bodies who are trained to provide special hosting experiences.

Mobility for all is particularly effective for stimulating personal and professional development of young people not in employment and out of formal education.

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