Excellences of Pistoia: a journey in handicraft

“Excellences of Pistoia: a journey in handicraft” is a tour set inside the beautiful city centre of Pistoia in order to discover the products that let our city be an important reality in Tuscany. The goal of this project is to guide young foreign people through the old streets and let them discover traditions and typical products about our territory concerning nursery, local handicrafts, musical instruments and sweets; so, something different from the classic touristic tour.

It’s also an opportunity to help a group of young guys to integrate in our city because they can locate shops and reference points that could be important along their stay in Italy. This kind of activity has been supported by CSCS: in fact one of our goals is to improve cultural knowledges of foreign people who is learning through internships in Italy. This kind of activity has been promoted thanks to the contribution of Alessio Bresci which is studying as Tourism Project Manager; his internship inside our organization has been the opportunity to develop “Excellence of Pistoia: a journey in handicraft”.

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