Comune Agliana – Study Visit in Spain

The first citizen of Agliana, the Major Paolo Magnanensi, together with Luigi Della Greca, Simona Lombardi, responsible for public child education services of the Town, and educational experts, Donatella Santimoni and Sandra Lombardi, have visited a number of educational organizations across the Basque Country.

Thanks to the partnership among and the Vocational Education Center San Viator, the Italian delegation had the opportunity to analyze and compare methodologies, educational resources and materials used in public and private nurseries and child centers across the Basque Country.

The visit enabled to establish further cooperation agreements among Stefano Tirati, director of, the Major of Agliana, Paolo Magnanensi and the Basque colleagues, on a mobility initiative focused on educational and professional exchanges of youngsters with physical and mental disabilities.

Furthermore, the visit has enabled the Major of Agliana to establish bridges in the field of rural tourism, thanks to the initiatives and conferences of the ERTD project, European Rural Tourism Development, promoted by CSCS in Italy with the support of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.


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