IMY & CSCS is the CSCS initiative for learning mobility







We believe in education as a value and we promote mobility as central to peace, mutual understanding and communication

If you are a teacher or a school director, you know how important the pedagogical approach is to enhance any mobility experience. This is the added value of IMY to its international partners.

IMY is driven by experts of the TVET sector from 2006, when, the mother organisation, started the first mobility exchanges with the University Pierre Mendes in France.

IMY is an initiative of CSCS (Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo”) that plays, starting from 1995, as an European leading not-for-profit organisation in the TVET sector, providing subsidiarity services for training and research, labour market improvement and pedagogic innovation, as well as transnational cooperation.

CSCS activities

CSCS is located in the hearth of Tuscany, in the north-centre of Italy and is accredited as a TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) center by the Regional Government.

At the territorial level, CSCS is engaged in receiving and training every year several transnational mobility learners, including groups with special needs and disabilities, and in providing assistance to small numbers of migrants that are hosted in CSCS’s premises.

CSCS is an official partner of the UNESCO Transdisciplinary Chair on “Human Development and Culture of Peace” of the University of Florence and for the whole national territory, it has received in 2014, by the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the licence reserved to the not-for-profit organizations, to facilitate the matching process between labour demand and supply.

This activity includes, among other actions, the job placement of disabled people and groups of disadvantaged workers, career guidance and the design and provision of professional training for disadvantaged.

At European level, CSCS has carried out several project experiences in the TVET field and starting from 2009 CSCS is officially appointed by the European Commission as a Lead Intermediary Organisation of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs network.

Extending outside of the EU borders dimension, CSCS is the founder and coordinator of, the worldwide network addressed to introduce skills, competences and innovative curricula for the advanced manufacturing sector within the VET pathways, under a model of intervention that includes sustainability and ethical values. The network was started in 2015 and is currently composed by nearly 300 organisations distributed in 48 countries worldwide.

From 2003, CSCS operates under a third-party-certified Quality Management System, currently approved by TUV as the EA37 – Quality Assurance System, ISO Vision 9001 version.


Erasmus+ Projects

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