Which are the most important issues I could have?

  1. if you use drugs you have to know that the drug is held (even only partially) for a subsequent sale, the offense is constituted; instead, the detention of drugs for personal use constitutes an administrative offense and it is sanctioned by suspending or prohibiting the obtaining of one or more documents between driving license, firearms license, passport or identity card for the purpose of expatriation, residence permit for foreigners.

There is no distinction between less dangerous drugs and more dangerous drugs. Administrative sanctions for personal possession offences may be one to three months’ imprisonment for the former and 2-12 months imprisonment for the latter. If a person is found in possession of illicit drugs for the first time, administrative sanctions are not usually applied, but, instead, the offender receives a warning from the Prefect and a formal request to refrain from use.

The difference between personal possession and trafficking is determined by the circumstances of the specific case (the act, possession of tools for packaging, different types of drug possessed, number of doses in excess of an average daily use, means of organisation, etc.).

Trafficking is punishable by 2-20 years’ imprisonment. (*Italy, Country Drug Report 2017, EMCDDA, http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/publications/country-drug-reports/2017/italy )

It is prohibited to possess drugs in IMY accommodations and you can be expelled from them.

  1. If you abuse of alcohol, you need to know that it is prohibited to drink alcohol in IMY accommodations  and you can be expelled from them.
  2. it is prohibited to do noise, listen to loud music or talk loudly in IMY accommodations, especially after 10 pm.

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