What can I expect from the IMY staff when I’m there?

Assistance is always provided, even when it could not be expected, to help all IMY foreign friends to “survive” in Italy. You will receive all the information before your arrival; once in Italy, IMY staff will welcome you at CSCS office and will reassure you from all the doubts you have. The trainees can contact any time the IMY Tutor if they need suggestions, answers or if they have doubts about their work placement.

On the first day of the work placement, the IMY staff accompanies the trainee to the workplace and introduces the learner to the company’s tutor.

Remember that, in any case, it is the trainee’s responsibility to manage the relationship with the company and to respect the agreed working hours. If, for example, the trainees are sick or, for any other reason, are not able to go to work, they have to alert the company’s tutor promptly.

The trainee and the company’s tutor will register the trainee’s hours of work in a sheet of attendance provided by IMY at the beginning of the work placement.

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