Towards ET2020: positive action to enhance vocational education and training within a lifelong learning agenda


This publication presents the follow-up activities which have been carried out by EfVET and the other European VET Associations around the Bruges Communiqué. Within the launch of the Bruges Communiqué in December 2010, the four European VET Associations – EfVET, EUproVET, EVTA and EVBB – presented a Joint Declaration on the contribution of Vocational Education and Training to the EU 2020 strategy. The publication describes the main activities accomplished by the European VET Associations which include the management of experts and policy working groups, thematic conferences, workshops and online consultations with respective members and with other relevant stakeholders.

This document now represents the views of the four leading VET associations on behalf of all their members throughout the European Union. The four Presidents of EfVET, EVTA, BVBB and EUproVET, as joint signatories, present this document to the European Commission, with the intention that the recommendations identified by VET Stakeholders at all levels will be incorporated in the implementation of the objectives outlined in the Bruges Communiqué.

The five priority areas, as outlined in the Bruges Communiqué, have been considered by all four European VET Associations and the document presents the the key recommendations under each of the following dimensions:

1. Improving the quality and efficiency of VET and enhancing its attractiveness and relevance
2. Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality
3. Fostering Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
4. Promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship
5. Working in partnership at European, National and Local level


Towards ET2020
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