The Quality Observatory & Toolbox for Mobility

This publication represents a tool to support and promote quality in transnational learning mobility.

Lifelong learning means that boundaries related to time, place, biography, institutional setting and forms of learning are dissolving. While the European Lifelong learning Programme (LLP) 2007-13 still contained sectorial boundaries of school (Comenius), vocational (Leonardo), adult (Grundtvig) and higher (Erasmus) education reflected in the respective sub-programmes , the new proposal for the follow-up programme “Erasmus+” 2014-2020 does not foresee such separate sub-programmes anymore.

Promoters of placement mobility used to stay within their sector – reflected by programmes such as Erasmus placements, Leonardo or Grundtvig mobility. However new network initiatives such as the “Europemobility Network” (funded by the LLP, attempt to cross the boundaries and work on a common objective: “How to ensure both quality and quantity of placement mobility for all learners?”.

This publication offers an overview on various initiatives and projects accomplished across Europe to support quality in learning mobility. This document is focusing on the Quality Observatory and Toolbox for mobility, developed by the following steps:

1. Collecting and analyzing good practices
2. Defining a framework to map the good practices
3. Selecting the quality criteria to define quality in mobility
4. Collecting the methods to realize quality in mobility
5. Selecting the indicators and benchmarks to measure quality in mobility


Quality Observatory & Toolbox
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