Tasting Pistoia: Discovering Typical Food

“Taste Pistoia: discovering typical food” (“Pistoia di Gusto: alla scoperta delle tipicità locali”) is a culinary and touristic project through the city centre of Pistoia.

It consists in a new different type of tour for our foreign guests, with the aim of raising the awareness about the importance of quality, traditional and local food.

An ice-cream shop, which produces and serves artesanal ice-cream, the fruit and vegetable market, which sells seasonal fruit and vegetable of our area, a caffetteria, where one can find special cakes and pastry of the region, and a grocery store, full of typical Italian products like cheese or ham.

The goal of the tour is to learn about the products thanks to the referent person and discover some small and hidden treasures of the Italian gastronomy!

This activity has been promoted by CSCS with the support of Allegra Giunti, which is studying Tourism Project Management, and aims to celebrate Pistoia with its specialties in the middle of an artistic and historical centre.

For more information you can download the PDF file here:




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