Mobility learners’ speech at “Fedi – Fermi” Institute in Pistoia


On April 17th, CSCS staff of Italymobility and our trainees from Spain, were invited from the Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico “S. Fedi – E. Fermi”, located in Pistoia, for speaking about mobility and its relevance.

Olivia Brito and Sonia Perez, from Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño, as graphic designers and Nerea Martinez, from the organisation Ikaslan Guipuzkoa, as administrative and sales assistant, talked about their experience in Pistoia and shared their ideas  with their Italian colleagues who are in willing to start a mobility experience the next month.

Mobility, in fact, is an experience that anyone should do, because it gives you the possibility to grow professionally, but also at a personal and social level.

Arriving alone to a fully new environment could seem scary, but we believe that mobility is one of the best ways to reforce your soft skills. New language, new city, new habits,… everything seems to go against you in the very first days, but it is exactly there where you are gaining experience that will help you to face your life on a way you have never known before.

Our trainees Olivia, Sonia and Nerea have already passed that stage, and they are really enjoying their stay here in Pistoia. They have made new friends and visit many places in Italy, as well as they acquire important working experience during their stay.

Good luck to the students of  the Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico “S. Fedi – E. Fermi” for their incoming Erasmus exchange!

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