IMY learning mobility initiatives carried out successfully in 2017

IMY learning mobility initiatives enable participants to experience Tuscany’s productive arena, its industrial clusters and its products. According to the needs and objectives of the visit, participants discover the main actors of the production and commercialisation chains.

Furthermore IMY Study Visits enable professionals to establish direct and durable partnerships with providers and/or customers. 2017 was a successful year for IMY Study Visits, reason enough to break numbers down in some nice charts.

Country of origins

imy mobility 2017 country of origins

By far the most applicants come from Spain (43,3%). Poland, Sweden and Austria are almost even in second place with roughly 10%. France, Ireland, Germany and Finland are also popular countries of origin, and let’s not forget Holland and Denmark, who also participated.

imy sending organisations per country

Starting Periods

By far the most popular month is March. Looks like the italian spring is most attractive to visitors and also the autumn is a popular starting period.

imy starting periods

IMY Profiles

Let’s take a look at the visitors profiles in 2017. Most visitors came from the restauration sector with roughly 26%. The grand culinary heritage of Tuscany is a strategic sector with cheeses, olive oil and local wines like Chianti and Brunello promoting this heritage all over the world.

The second most popular sector was marketing. For the rest of the activities there was a wide range of jobs, including gardening, installation and construction work. See all details in the infographic.

imy profiles

CSCS and Learning Mobility in Europe

With the support of the European Commission, CSCS has launched the Europemobility Network, which offers mobility coordinators a unique opportunity to establish cooperation and partnerships with other educational providers, to create synergies and learn from each other.

To know more about the members and to join the community, please visit Europemobility.

Are you interested in IMY Work Placements and Study Visits? This brochure will give a detailed overview of the programmes as well as the available support, before, during and after your visit.


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