Eramus + Impact Study 2019 released

A new study on the impact of Erasmus + released from the European Commission

Accordingly to the most recent study of the European Commission, released on May 2019, mobility makes people more successful in their personal and professional lives and helps schools to become more innovative.

Based on the feedback from nearly 77 000 students and staff and over 500 organisations, the study measures and analyses the impact the Erasmus+ programme has on its main beneficiaries. Results show that mobility is an asset in young people’s future careers, to thrive in the modern labour market and in a more diverse society.

In fact, evidences show that Erasmus+ helps students find their desired careers and get jobs quicker and Erasmus+ boosts European sense of belonging. It increases the ability to work and to collaborate with people from different working and cultural environment, acquiring professional and language skills, as well as self-confidence and the soft skills required in their future workplace.

Have a look at the report and be part of the change!


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