On January 28th, Prof. Leho Lilleorg, Head of Automation and Construction specialities from Tallin Lasnamäe School of Mechanics ( visited CSCS facilities at Pistoia, Italy, and had a meeting with the Executive and President of the company, Giovanni Crisonà and all the staff.

Current activities of both institutions were introduced, and CSCS discussed and shared objectives for future collaboration between the two institutions.

Mr. Leho Lilleorg had also the chance to visit some automation companies around the area with CSCS’ staff and to visit the VET school of  Pistoia, Istituto Professionale Statale Industria e Artigianato Pacinotti (, where Professor Maria Teresa Bechi welcomed the delegation and described the activities and methodologies of the institute, as well as all workshops and tools used and even created by the students.

It is also remarkable to add that two students from this Estonian school are doing a traineeship in Florence during the month of February, being supported by CSCS staff.

From CSCS, we look forward to a more active exchange between the two institutions.


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