EYE at the Skillman International Forum 2020!

On December 10, 2020, CSCS, founder and coordinator of the Skillman Network and lead organization of the EYE Partnership Entrepreneurs Mobility IX (EM IX), moderated the pavilion Transnational Mobility and Learning during the Skillman International Forum 2020. This event was a great chance to promote the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme and the EM 9 partnership and to discuss traditional and virtual mobility.

EM IX is the top European Partnership performer under EYE cycle 11

EM IX partnership is led by CSCS and is composed of 10 Intermediary Organizations from Italy (CSCS), Greece (ASSET TEC), Cyprus (DEKAPLUS), Turkey (ATO), Spain (AYTO), Lithuania (CIVITTA), Sweden (EMS), Czech Republic (HKCR), Romania (IPP) and Germany (ABU+).

Concetta Fonzo, researcher and international expert in VET, Education, Learning Mobility and Social Inclusion, presented the main challenges and opportunities virtual mobility offers.

“Virtual mobility should not be considered as a substitute to physical one but as a parallel programme, with its own strengths and weaknesses, capable of being far more inclusive even involving people unable to take part in physical exchanges”





Manos Andreadis, Senior Project Manager of Asset Tec, one of the partners of EM IX partnership and responsible for the EYE Programme as a National Contact Point in Greece, presented the programme and the partnership.

Through a transnational mobility scheme, EYE provides a unique opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneurs and experienced ones, running or managing a business in another country, to gather and share experiences.

EYE is a win-win programme! New Entrepreneurs gain by working with an experienced figure in the sector, while Host Entrepreneurs get substantial contributions and business ideas from fresh minds. Moreover, both entrepreneurs get the chance to broaden their networks and create possibilities for future collaborations.

Thanks to the co-funding of the European Commission, each New Entrepreneur is given a monthly allowance for his/her stay abroad for a period of 1 to 6 months

Lastly, Giulia Ucciero, Project Manager at CSCS, showed the video-interview made to one of CSCS most active Host Entrepreneurs in the touristic field: Maurizio Orgiana CEO of Sun & Sand Sardinia. Check it out here

Moreover, Giulia showcased ItalyMobility (IMY), the CSCS initiative for learning mobility. IMY provides services like work placement, Italian language courses, tutoring and support, accomodation and airport transfers.

IMY has been hosting 250 students per year since 2008

In line with the technological advancement and the spread of remote working, CSCS has also launched a Virtual Mobility service as a new resource of productivity. The virtual Italymobility applies the same principles of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project, launched by the EU Commission to promote intercultural dialogue and improve the skills of young people through digital learning tools.



What are you waiting for?!? Take part in the EYE Programme and realize your business idea collaborating with experts in the field. We can help you to find your perfect Host Entrepreneur in Europe.

For further information about the EYE programme contact us at: manager@erasmus-entrepreneurs.info

If you weren’t able to attend the conference, don’t panic! You can watch the recording down below!

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