IMY research on Virtual Mobility

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The Italy Mobility team has been providing incoming mobility to Italy for 14 years, offering around 18.000 work placement-learners days per year. Throughout the years, a big community of professional schools, TVET institutes, higher education schools etc. gathered with interest around our activities and offers.

Located in many European countries like Sweden, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom etc., they choose to send their students to Pistoia each year in order to improve their competences through our Italy Mobility programme. 

This is why we trusted them to express their feedback about our newly launched IMY Virtual Mobility programme, as a solution designed to keep the opportunity for TVET students to have a real internship experience abroad during the COVID era.

We have a sent a quick survey to our community of schools, asking their preferences on a number of aspects related to the new solution. Here are the main results that we have collected with the valuable contribution of our trusted partners.