IMY Blended Mobility

Do you think that your students should do an internship abroad but in the pandemic era everything is so complicated? Are you looking for a lifetime experience for them to enjoy and learn FOR REAL?

We have the right solution for you, it's called IMY Blended Mobility. 

IMY Blended Mobility is a top-notch Erasmus+ internship program, combining a virtual component with a physical mobility experience right in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. This is a great opportunity to improve students’ professional skills comfortably from home or school with our professional tutors and then do an onsite internship in Pistoia within a dynamic and professional business environment, with the support of our international team that monitors their growth every step of the way.

With Blended Mobility, we Empower:


Learn new skills.
Get inspired.
Make new discoveries.


Make an impact.
Lead students into a great adventure.
Share expertise.


Get recognition.
Step up in vocational education.
Achieve great success.

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What Blended Mobility looks like!