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Arrival and pick up at the airport

Some young workers or learners may be going to Italy, taking a flight and arriving there for the first time. Trainees may also have huge and heavy luggage. IMY offers a pick-up service at the airport upon the trainees’ arrival. This service is available only for the Tuscan airports and for an additional fee.


Trainees can stay in the IMY youth hostel, Villa Michelina, as well as in smaller shared accommodation.  All are equipped with cooking facilities and internet connection.

In Villa Michelina, as in the smaller lodgings, laundry facilities are available for a fee.

On arrival guests receive a complete set of bed linen and towels. The service includes a weekly change of bed linen and towels without any additional cost. Room cleaning is the responsibility of the guests except at Villa Michelina where room cleaning is provided once a week. If guests do not follow the general rules and do not keep their rooms and common areas clean they will be given a warning. If negative behaviours persist then guests will be asked to leave their accommodation.

The Villa Michelina Youth Hostel and the smaller lodgings are all located in the centre of Pistoia and they are all served by public transport. The maximum number of people sharing is five with a single bathroom (average is three), larger spaces will have additional bathrooms to accommodate more guests. Please note that smoking is strictly forbidden in the IMY accommodation. Italian legislation requires IMY to communicate to State Police, within 24 hours of a guest’s arrival, his/her name, date of birth and ID or passport information. Therefore we would ask applicants to fill in this information in our online system before their arrival in Italy.

IMY Help Desk

The IMY help desk is open from 9.00 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. The IMY help desk provides general assistance and logistic information on rooms availability and conditions, transport solutions and taxi reservation, mobile phones contracts and health assistance. (please see all help desk contacts at the end of this brochure).


Villa Michelina Youth Hostel is provided with a security closed-circuit television system with cameras and panic alarm, operative daily, 24 hours a day. The alarm is equipped with different controls: a red panic button that can be used to request assistance in emergency situations where a threat to persons or property exists; a grey button, operative daily from 09.00 to 17.00, to be used in case of breakage or malfunction of water, electricity, gas systems, etc.

Medical Assistance

In Italy, the public health service guarantee emergency assistance for anyone. Access to other medically necessary, state-provided healthcare services is given to Italian citizens upon payment of small fees (tickets) and, under the same conditions and at the same cost, to European citizens owning the European Health Insurance Card. The Italian healthcare system is organised on a regional base, so each region has different ticket prices and procedures. Participants from the European Union are recommended, before they leave their home countries, to take out their European Health Insurance cards issued by national health insurance providers for free. Participants from outside of the European Union are instead recommended to take out their own private health insurances before they leave their home countries too.

IMY provides additional basic medical services and assistance with the IMY doctor and the IMY psychologist. They are both daily available for basic information and consultations. In case of specific interventions or treatments, a small fee may be applied at a lower cost than the normal Italian private rates. Contact details can be found on the italymobility. com reserved area and appointments can be booked via the IMY help desk. IMY guests may also access assistance and/or interpretation for dealing with health professionals.

Terms and Conditions

Arrivals and Departures

Clients are required to arrive on Mondays.

Weekly accommodation starts on Mondays at 2.00pm and ends on the subsequent Monday at 10.00am.

The work placements and the language courses always start on Tuesday. Please see the attached plan.

Reservation and payments

Work Placement Service: reservations must be made at least 60 days before the starting date. Upon availability and confirmation, reservations with less than 30 days of prior notice to the starting date are possible, with an extra fee.

Language & Cultural Course Service: reservations must be made at least 30 days before the foreseen starting date. Upon availability and confirmation, reservations with less than 30 days of prior notice to the starting date are possible, with an extra fee.

Transportation costs during the work placement are the trainee’s responsibility and can vary from Euro 40 to Euro 80 per month depending of the workplace location.

A 5% discount is foreseen for groups of 5 trainees starting the same day and invoiced to only one institution or school.

Payment is 50% at the offer approval stage and 50% by the 15th day from the arrival date. Clients are invited to provide all necessary information and support to facilitate successful provision of the requested services, by communicating in due time their arrival to and departure from Italy, passport or ID details, VISA information and special needs if any.

All guests using IMY accommodation are requested to provide upon arrival Euro 200 as a warranty deposit at check-in. This warranty deposit covers any eventual damage caused by the guest, as well as any misconduct during the work placement. The deposit is returned at check-out, once the accommodation has been checked by IMY Staff and is in the same condition as at the guest’s arrival.

Fees can be paid by cash, bank transfer or by credit card (an extra charge of 3% is applied).