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Mobility for All

CSCS supports learning mobility initiatives focused on young people with special learning needs and with physical or mental disabilities. Mobility for all is a key objective for CSCS and we deploy ad hoc assistance on customized programmes in order to attain educational success. These initiatives generally have a one month timeframe. The tutoring and mentoring […]

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Erasmus For Young Enterpreneurs

In cooperation with the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry (European Commission) CSCS is leading the implementation of this new business exchange programme, which offers a unique opportunity for potential and newly established entrepreneurs and start-ups to shadow an experienced entrepreneur in another European country. With a solid network of over 100 intermediary organizations across EU […]

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Europemobility Network

With the support of DG Education and Culture of the European Commission, CSCS has launched the Europemobility Network, which offers mobility coordinators a unique opportunity to establish cooperation and partnerships with other educational providers, to create synergies and learn from each other. Europemobility Network makes available resources and learning opportunities through Thematic Commissions. These are […]

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